Oral history interviews with political radicals – British Library

Researcher Andrew Whitehead has deposited his colleciton of ‘oral history interviews with political radicals’ with the British Library Sound Archive.

These interviews with British political activists and others were conducted to gather material for BBC radio documentaries, or more often out of personal interest. In all cases, the interviewees knew that their comments were likely to be in the public domain. Only a few of the interviews have been transcribed – and the deposited transcripts are not necessarily checked and verbatim records. The recordings are available for consultation without restriction, and short extracts (up to 200 words) can be published with an appropriate acknowledgement. Any publication of longer extracts, or use of interviews for broadcast or as part of any public performance, requires my prior written permission.

Some of the interviews deposited were conducted by Shen Liknaitzky, and are included in this collection with her specific permission.

The radio programmes included in this archive are the copyright of the BBC.

More details of the collection, including a guide to the interviewees, can be found on Andrew Whitehead’s blog.


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