Conference: Art Histories, Cultural Studies and the Cold War

Art Histories, Cultural Studies and the Cold War
Venue: Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies, University of London Friday 24th September 2010

Registration from 9am: Tea, Coffee & Croissant

9.45: Welcome: [Professor David Ayers; Drs Grant Pooke and Ben Thomas]

Propaganda and Photography – Chair: David Ayers
10.00: Irina Bystrova (Moscow): The Americans, Russian and the British in conditions of the Cold War: from the history of mutual perceptions

10.20: Martha and John Langford (Concordia and Victoria): Showing, Without Telling: A Cold War Tourist and His Camera

10.40: Sally Stein (Los Angeles): Photography, Feminism and the Cold War in the USA [title tbc]

11.00: Sarah James (Oxford): “Scratching the History of Men”: Humanism, Photography, Art History, and the Politics of the Subject in a Divided Germany

11.20: Coffee

11.35: Caroline Blinder (Goldsmiths): American Alphabet: On Paul Strand’s Post War Photography

11.55: Jane Powell (Kent): The Changing Iconography of Cold War Posters at the Marx Memorial Library

12.15: Victoria Zhurlvaleva (Moscow): “The Cold War of Images”: the Soviet Union in American Political Cartoons

12.35: Plenary – Discussion

1.00: Lunch

Keynote Address

2.00: Miranda Carter: Anthony Blunt: Art and Intelligence

Strand 1: Cold War Art History and Criticism – Chair: Ben Thomas
2.45: Matthew Potter (Leicester): The Neglected Field of Germanism in British Art History, 1850-1939

3.05: Ben Thomas (Kent): Edgar Wind and the Congress for Cultural Freedom

3.25: Marina Dmitrieva (Leipzig): The Renaissance behind the Iron Curtain

3.45: Tea

4.15: Ljiljana Kolesnik (Zagreb): Social Realism, Modernism and the “Formalist Turn” in Yugoslav Art Criticism of the 1950s

4.35: Monika Rutecka (Kent): Jan Matejko. A symbol of Polish National Identity or a Victim of Political Manipulation?

4.55: Peter McMaster (Kent): Peter Fuller: A Dissident Voice

5.15: Strand 1 – Discussion

Strand 2: The Contested Cultural Sphere – Chair: Grant Pooke
2.45: Joes Segal (Utrecht): Modern Art and Cultural Warfare in East and West

3.05: Christine Bianco (Oxford Brookes): Modern Art and Freedom: Cold War Cultural Politics in American Mass Magazines

3.25: Tiziana Villani (Kent): The “Biennale of Dissent”: A Page from the Italian Cold War

3.45: Tea

4.15: David Ayers (Kent): Hewlett Johnson: Britain’s ‘Red Dean’ and the Cold War

4.35: Verity Clarkson (Brighton): Contested visions of Soviet art in Britain: the Art in Revolution exhibition (1971).

4.55: Lucy Weir (Glasgow):“The Pornography of Pain”: Exploring Imagery of the Cold War in Pina Bausch’s Kontakthof and Nelken

5.15: Strand 2 – Discussion

5.30: Full Plenary – Discussion

6.00: Reception – Wine and Refreshments

Reserve Paper – Grant Pooke (Kent): Francis Klingender: Cold War Reflections and Valedictions c.1948-1955


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