20 Jahre Deutsche Einheit – 20 Jahre gesamtdeutsche Forschung. Zwei Konferenzen ziehen eine Zwischenbilanz

September 12, 2010

Details of two forthcoming conferences in Germany on different aspects of the GDR:

Am 23. und 24. September lädt das Institut für Zeitgeschichte gemeinsam mit der Bundesstiftung zur Konferenz „DDR-Geschichte in Forschung und Lehre. Bilanz und Perspektiven“ ein, deren Programm Sie hier finden: http://www.stiftung-aufarbeitung.de/downloads/pdf/2010/va230910.pdf. Sollten Sie an der Tagung ganz oder zeitweilig teilnehmen wollen, melden Sie sich freundlicherweise bis zum 20. September bei Frau Georgi vom IfZ an georgi@ifz-muenchen.de.

»Ostdeutschland und die Politikwissenschaft. Eine Bilanz 20 Jahre nach der (Wieder-)Vereinigung« ist die Konferenz überschrieben, zu der Prof. Dr. Astrid Lorenz, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, die Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences und die Bundesstiftung vom 30.9. bis 2.10. einladen. Das Tagungsprogramm können Sie hier einsehen: http://www.stiftung-aufarbeitung.de/downloads/pdf/2010/va300910.pdf. Anmeldungen bitte an sekretariat.innenpolitik@sowi.hu-berlin.de. Besonders möchte ich Sie noch auf zwei öffentliche Veranstaltungen im Rahmen der Konferenz aufmerksam machen: http://www.stiftung-aufarbeitung.de/downloads/pdf/2010/va300910_Tagungsflyer.pdf

A minimal English translation:

On 23-24 September, the Institute for Contemporary History co-hosts a the conference “GDR history in research and eduation – balance and perspecives’. The programme for the conference is available here: http://www.stiftung-aufarbeitung.de/downloads/pdf/2010/va230910.pdf. For more information about particpating in the confernece, please contact Mrs Georgi of the IfZ (georgi@ifz-muenchen.de).

From 30 September to 2 Ocrober, the Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences is co-hosting a conference on the theme “East Germany and poltical science: an appraisal, twenty years on”. The conference programme is available here: http://www.stiftung-aufarbeitung.de/downloads/pdf/2010/va300910.pdf. To register contact:sekretariat.innenpolitik@sowi.hu-berlin.de.


Oral history interviews with political radicals – British Library

September 12, 2010

Researcher Andrew Whitehead has deposited his colleciton of ‘oral history interviews with political radicals’ with the British Library Sound Archive.

These interviews with British political activists and others were conducted to gather material for BBC radio documentaries, or more often out of personal interest. In all cases, the interviewees knew that their comments were likely to be in the public domain. Only a few of the interviews have been transcribed – and the deposited transcripts are not necessarily checked and verbatim records. The recordings are available for consultation without restriction, and short extracts (up to 200 words) can be published with an appropriate acknowledgement. Any publication of longer extracts, or use of interviews for broadcast or as part of any public performance, requires my prior written permission.

Some of the interviews deposited were conducted by Shen Liknaitzky, and are included in this collection with her specific permission.

The radio programmes included in this archive are the copyright of the BBC.

More details of the collection, including a guide to the interviewees, can be found on Andrew Whitehead’s blog.

Conference: Art Histories, Cultural Studies and the Cold War

September 12, 2010

Art Histories, Cultural Studies and the Cold War
Venue: Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies, University of London Friday 24th September 2010

Registration from 9am: Tea, Coffee & Croissant

9.45: Welcome: [Professor David Ayers; Drs Grant Pooke and Ben Thomas]

Propaganda and Photography – Chair: David Ayers
10.00: Irina Bystrova (Moscow): The Americans, Russian and the British in conditions of the Cold War: from the history of mutual perceptions

10.20: Martha and John Langford (Concordia and Victoria): Showing, Without Telling: A Cold War Tourist and His Camera

10.40: Sally Stein (Los Angeles): Photography, Feminism and the Cold War in the USA [title tbc]

11.00: Sarah James (Oxford): “Scratching the History of Men”: Humanism, Photography, Art History, and the Politics of the Subject in a Divided Germany

11.20: Coffee

11.35: Caroline Blinder (Goldsmiths): American Alphabet: On Paul Strand’s Post War Photography

11.55: Jane Powell (Kent): The Changing Iconography of Cold War Posters at the Marx Memorial Library

12.15: Victoria Zhurlvaleva (Moscow): “The Cold War of Images”: the Soviet Union in American Political Cartoons

12.35: Plenary – Discussion

1.00: Lunch

Keynote Address

2.00: Miranda Carter: Anthony Blunt: Art and Intelligence

Strand 1: Cold War Art History and Criticism – Chair: Ben Thomas
2.45: Matthew Potter (Leicester): The Neglected Field of Germanism in British Art History, 1850-1939

3.05: Ben Thomas (Kent): Edgar Wind and the Congress for Cultural Freedom

3.25: Marina Dmitrieva (Leipzig): The Renaissance behind the Iron Curtain

3.45: Tea

4.15: Ljiljana Kolesnik (Zagreb): Social Realism, Modernism and the “Formalist Turn” in Yugoslav Art Criticism of the 1950s

4.35: Monika Rutecka (Kent): Jan Matejko. A symbol of Polish National Identity or a Victim of Political Manipulation?

4.55: Peter McMaster (Kent): Peter Fuller: A Dissident Voice

5.15: Strand 1 – Discussion

Strand 2: The Contested Cultural Sphere – Chair: Grant Pooke
2.45: Joes Segal (Utrecht): Modern Art and Cultural Warfare in East and West

3.05: Christine Bianco (Oxford Brookes): Modern Art and Freedom: Cold War Cultural Politics in American Mass Magazines

3.25: Tiziana Villani (Kent): The “Biennale of Dissent”: A Page from the Italian Cold War

3.45: Tea

4.15: David Ayers (Kent): Hewlett Johnson: Britain’s ‘Red Dean’ and the Cold War

4.35: Verity Clarkson (Brighton): Contested visions of Soviet art in Britain: the Art in Revolution exhibition (1971).

4.55: Lucy Weir (Glasgow):“The Pornography of Pain”: Exploring Imagery of the Cold War in Pina Bausch’s Kontakthof and Nelken

5.15: Strand 2 – Discussion

5.30: Full Plenary – Discussion

6.00: Reception – Wine and Refreshments

Reserve Paper – Grant Pooke (Kent): Francis Klingender: Cold War Reflections and Valedictions c.1948-1955